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Below is a list of available committees, including descriptions, that MA members are welcome to join. If you already know which committee you would like to join, please fill out the form at near the bottom of this page.

Committees [ members only ]

Economic Growth & Expansion

Focuses on solutions to enhance existing manufacturers’ competitiveness and reach their full economic potential. Transportation & infrastructure issues, economic development related legislation, the Alabama Dept. of Commerce and other state agencies are the committee’s primary focuses. Meets biannually and operates the Port Expansion & Waterways Subcommittee.


Provides technical expertise and news updates to industrial environmental professionals. Regulatory compliance, enforcement trends, and future rules and regulations, along with best practices sharing, are the committee’s primary focuses. Committee also maintains a close working relationship with ADEM and other governmental regulatory agencies and staffs. Meets quarterly with reports on air, land, water and energy.

Fall Meeting Planning

Helps plan and prepare for the Annual Fall Meeting. Duties include developing speaker and activity recommendations, reviewing post-conference evaluations and preparing for the upcoming Fall Meeting. Committee members also serve as the official Fall Meeting hosts by greeting the members and their guests and volunteering their services during the activity schedules. Meets biannually.

Federal Affairs

Tracks federal issues of importance to Alabama manufacturers and develops policy papers for the Annual Washington Fly-In. Committee recommends policy and federal legislative positions to the Board of Directors and coordinates any federal lobbying efforts on behalf of the membership. Meets on an ad-hoc basis.

Governmental Affairs

Reviews all legislation and monitors all legislative activity at the State House. Committee members serve as an advisory network on any and all legislative concerns (including but not limited to bills, regulations, executive matters, etc.). Each committee member assists the association’s lobbying strategy. The committee meets weekly during legislative sessions and on an ad-hoc basis throughout the remainder of the year.

Human Resources & Workforce Development

Focuses on the complex legal and policy-based aspects of human resources that are unique to manufacturing. It also focuses on workforce development challenges, which affect all sectors of industry and manufacturing. Committee includes a best practices sharing component for compliance and policy issues and for training and recruitment efforts. Meets quarterly.


Evaluates legal policy to determine its potential impact on the legal obligations of manufacturers. When necessary, the committee recommends pursuit of objectives through legal action, primarily through the filing of amicus briefs. Committee also serves as a resource to the Governmental Affairs Committee on bill review and analysis. Meets on an ad-hoc basis.


Develops efforts to retain current and recruit new members to the association. Committee members are expected to identify potential new members, make introductions and partake in recruitment meetings when possible. Meets on an ad-hoc basis.

Safety & Security

Provides news on safety and security enforcement trends, reviews upcoming rule promulgations and changes, and discusses compliance best practices. It also interfaces with the appropriate state and federal agency staffs. Administers the Governor-awarded Safety Achievement Program through Manufacture Alabama. Meets quarterly and, when appropriate, hosts training programs for the benefits of the membership.


Reviews and analyzes tax legislation and Department of Revenue (DOR) regulations. Helps develop policy positions on such proposals that may affect tax liability and compliance for Alabama manufacturers, and assists in determining the scope of impact certain proposals may have on member companies. Ensuring that tax issues do not create a competitive disadvantage for manufacturers at the state or local levels is a primary focus of the committee. Meets on an ad-hoc basis.


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