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2023 HR, Safety & Environmental Speaker Materials

Below are the presentations from the 2023 HR, Safety and Environmental Conference. The staff at Manufacture Alabama will continue to update with presentations as we receive them.

ADEM Update

Lance LeFleur
Director, ADEM

ADEM Division Chiefs

Ron Gore, Air Division Chief, ADEM
Stephen Cobb, Land Division Chief, ADEM
Jeff Kitchens, Water Division Chief, ADEM

EPA Update

Lynorae Benjamin
Deputy Director, EPA Region 4

Government Insights: Updates from Public Officials

Secretary of Commerce Greg Canfield
Donald Harrison, General Counsel and Deputy Secretary


Regulatory Updates on Air, Water, and Land Issues

Phil Davis, LaBella Associates
Tom Delawrence, Balch & Bingham
Brad Arnold, Sola Environmental

Panel: Approaches to OSHA Inspections

Weathers Bolt, Starnes Davis Florie
David Carroll, Hunt Refining Company
Gene Rader, High-Purity Silicon America Corporation
Steve Day, Transportation Safety Services

Addressing the Childcare Crisis: Innovative Solutions and the Urgent Need for Change

Lillian Brand, Women’s Foundation of Alabama
Jon Barganier, Manufacture Alabama

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Legal Update

Whitney Brown
Lehr Middlebrooks Vreeland & Thompson

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