Partner Membership Application

Those companies which provide supplies, consulting, technical services, laboratory, construction, maintenance, transportation, legal, accounting, management, personnel, misc. other services, or otherwise supporting the manufacturing industries in Alabama.

Dues from Partner members will provide a stable funding for JOBS PAC and Manufacture Alabama's communication program. Each company designates one primary contact and is encouraged to list others in the directory and general participation. Beyond the free listings provided below, additional names can be added for $25 per person, per year.

Gross Sales in AL ($M)
Dues ($)
No. of Listings
$250,000,001+ Negotiated 10
$100,000,001 to $250 $2,000
$50,000,001 to $100 $1,500 6
$25,000,001 to $50 $1,250 5
$10,000,001 to $25 $1,000 4
$1,000,001 to $10 $750 3
Startup to $1,000,000
$500 2

Unless expressly indicated by the Partner member, the Manufacture Alabama Board of Directors reserves the right to transfer Partner dues to JOBS PAC, the Manufacture Alabama Communications Fund or the association's operations.

Payment Option

For online payments, enter your total dues below before submitting form
Partner Membership

Make checks payable to: Manufacture Alabama

401 Adams Avenue, Suite 710
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
Phone: 334.386.3000
Fax: 334.386.3001
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